Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shoot 'em! Kill 'em ALL! [@ Outbreak Assault]

It started as a Facebook dare, which ended in one of my awesome experience to date!

It wasn’t even planned, but I guess it has something to do with this so-called “macho thing” hehehe! Anyway, so I purchased two bookings for me and my good friend Mr. Dennis Dy Ko.

So off we went to attend this “Outbreak Assault.” I really don’t know what to expect. Maybe because I’m fat and I can’t run that fast. OH MY!!! THE ZOMBIES GONNA EAT ME!!!

Here's my booking. let's kill zombies!
According to their website, “Outbreak Assault, a Zombie Survival Simulation, is the first of its kind in the country. Survivors will get geared up and be sent on a mission up a 6-storey abandoned building to go head to head with the massive horde. “

Ok, so this is the first of its kind here in the entire Philippines.

I heard that this group is also responsible for some of those zombie survival challenges (somewhere in Filinvest and Intramuros) and now, this is the first time they gave weapons to the participants. In those previous simulations, the participants will just run for their “lives”  being chased by zombies. Well, now I can’t run as fast, gosh, my heart will burst. However, after I learned about the weapons, hmmm… I became interested. I signed in.

Saturday at 12:20 PM was the schedule and we have to go to Tomas Morato St., There's an old 6-storey building there which they called "The Office."

The "Office"

Now that place is creepy.

Wow! People in military drab surround the old building. Rick Grimes will be proud.

So before we entered “The Office” they gave us a briefing first on how to use the “guns.” Actually what we are using are Airsoft guns without pellets. Ok… whatever. It was my first time to use an Airsoft gun anyway. 

Another thing… NO PICTURES INSIDE THE BUILDING! That’s a bummer…

The ten of us entered the building. We have a guide. Me and Dennnis were assigned to the tail (That’s on the back side of the group, but I guess you already know that.)  and being on the tail, I guess we got all the excitement. Oh wow… and the whole simulation is based on a story line.

A friend just manage to capture a photo inside "The Office."
The “Office” was supposed to be The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), but an incident happened and everything was jeopardized… which also include a zombie outbreak inside the building. So the task is to get the information about a certain cure. You are considered as a volunteers and the team must get to the  6th floor of “The Office” to get the cure. With it, you must also get rid of all the “walking dead” in every floor.

Now the exciting part is how you will survive the encounter. Yes, you may have a guide, but what happened if you ran out of bullets? Can you escape the horde of the walking dead? Are you going fight or just freak out?

Fortunately, I survive the attack.

Wanna join the adrenaline rush? For more information just contact for inquires.

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