Monday, March 31, 2014

Cartimar, Manila's Pet Center

If you’re into pets, there's one place in Metro Manila that will come into your mind. Cartimar is located in Pasay City and boy! The place is full of different pet shops catering different fields of interest: Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Fishes… and even hard to keep pets like reef tanks, specialized aquariums and even exotics like tarantulas and scorpions!

Check the place out!

Ongpin St. Your gate to Manila's Chinatown

The entrance to China Town in Binondo. Ongpin St. is known for its stores that sells low-karat golds, Chinese groceries, lucky charms, panciterias that sells Chinese delicacies, noodle houses and alternative medicines, but other than that, do you know that Ongpin St. was named after Don Roman Ongpin, a Chinese businessman who supported the Katipuneros against Spain.

Included in this photo album are other street scenes in Binondo and some pet shops in Aranque Market on Recto, Manila.

Carriedo St. in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Carriedo?  Hmmm... my bespren says that Carriedo was named after the philanthropist Don Francisco Carriedo y Perredo. Now, according to the story, Don Carriedo donated a lot of his money so that Manila will have a clean water system. Now how's that for a nice guy? 

Also in these photos is the statue of Arsenio Lacson, the first Mayor of Manila, the Old Monte De Pieda location (Now occupied by the Bank of the Philippine Island), Santa Crush Church and some of those old gravestones, Jones Bridge and a replica of the Carriedo fountain (the original is said to be in the office of the MWSS.)

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