Friday, October 31, 2014

Manila Chinese Cemetery... It's not just a cemetery, its history. (Part 2)

Looking at these different Chinese graves and mausoleum, one can just marvel on the different architectural structures, from this old “turtle shape grave,” to some classical pagodas, art decos and some modern ones.

Speaking of these turtle shape graves (AKA Turtle-back tombs or turtle shell tombs), the main purpose of the horseshoe-shaped shaped ridge surrounding the tomb is to substitute for a range of a hill ridge which, according to the principles of Feng Shui, needs to protect the grave from the "noxious winds" from the three.  Also, turtles are known to have long life, therefore a turtle-shaped grave brings long life to the surviving dependents. Turtles also symbolize the universe in Chinese mythology.

Turtle-back tomb

Now just look and marvel at these different mausoleums and graves...



The Chong Hock Tong Temple 

Built in 1878, the Chong Hock Tong Temple is said to be the oldest Chinese temple in Manila. Inside the temple are large lifelike, golden  statues of Chinese gods and goddesses and well, quite odd – at the back of those gods and goddesses are statues of Christian (Catholic) deities like the Mother Mary and a crucifix. Is it a form or respect or religious assimilation? I don’t know.

There were also statues of Lim Ong and Tan Quien Sien inside the temple.

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