Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Abandoned Beauties

Beautiful derelicts in Escolta, Manila area.

Disturbing Realities: As Art Crumbles...

Some pictures of the sad condition of the Metropolitan Theater in Manila. I hope the City of Manila bring its former glory back for the next generation.

Forgotten Paradise

If you’re like me,  sometimes you feel so stressful  that you will try looking for a good venue to unwind and escape the bustling city life. You might spend, go to a far way place… a beach perhaps, Baguio, or somewhere far with mountains, forests. However, travel preparation and the money that you’ll spend might even add up to your stress. So, what should you do? You don’t need to spend  that much to unwind.  You can visit the Arroceros Forest Park.  The Arroceros Forest Park is located in a very accessible area; situated beside the LRT Central Terminal Station, adjacent to the Pasig River and take note - it’s had no entrance fee.  

I considered this place, an oasis. They say that it once occupy a bigger area, however urban renewals took its toll from the park, but still it’s a good venue to relax.  Amidst its busy location, the park is located in a very peaceful corner of Manila. 

It's just one jeepney ride or just take an LRT and get off at the Central Terminal Station. A few walks ad you can now escape  the stressful city life. The first thing that you will notice is the big wall the surrounds the park.  It gives you a sense of privacy.  And when you entered the park, you will feel that you were transported to  a new place.  The 1.1 hectare mini-forest is home to a variety of 60 types of trees which includes the narra, kamagoong , red and white lauan, mango, ficus rubber trees as well as the Indian neem tree.  A large building (The Manila Education Center) is the only clue that makes you think that you’re still in the City of Manila. It would be better if you brought a camera or a binoculars.  You see,  local and migrating birds are always present at the park and this is a good place to do some bird watching.  If you are into arts, the place is good to do some sketch works. There’s a nice view of the Pasig River where you can draw, take pictures, or just sightsee. 

There is a main road around the park, but some small dusty trails can bring you a more sense of adventure. Dried leaves and grasses covers these trails as if you’re in a real forest floor.  Marvel at the sights of the trunks of the large ficus trees and its eerie yet lovely  root system.  As you go deeper in the park, you will not hear city sound,  but instead, you will listen to birds chirping in the canopy and the gentle winds brushing tree leaves. There is also a small fish pond in the middle of the park where you can feed the tilapia with some bread crumbs.  Small stone benches can be found everywhere, located around the park if you just want to sit and relax. 

Bring the whole family, friends and even a loved one and have a picnic or just marvel and feel the forest. Have a breath of fresh air and feel Mother Nature once again. 

Oldest Hardware

This hardware on St. Cristo St. Sta. Cruz, Manila is known to be the oldest hardware still existing here in Manila. It is over a century old. 

The Calvo Museum

Along the historical Escolta St. is a museum that you may not even know exists. Welcome to the Calvo Museum.

The Calvo Museum is actually a private collection that was stored on the 2nd floor of the Calvo Building and the fun fact is that the Calvo building was once the home of DZBB. When Robert "Uncle Bob" Stewart founded the Republic Broadcasting System (RBS) in 1050, it operated in the Calvo Building.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

International Museum Day

Tomorrow is International Museum Day (May 18, 2014) and that means the Ayala Museum in Makati will be having a FREE entrance, likewise with Lopez Museum at Ortigas in Pasig entrance will also be FREE.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Help us restore a "National Treasure."

Help us restore the "Grand Old Dame of Manila Theater." Sign our petition. 

Please sign here.

Highly recommended kakanin

You don’t need to go to Bulacan or Laguna to get good kakanin. Just go to Blumentritt and look for Rufuna’s Native Delicacies. Aling Pining will give you an assortment of native cakes, pudding and other sweets, guarantee to tickle your fancy. I highly recommend you to get a slice of her rice pudding. So delicious!

What’s more is that her delicacies are good to your budget and you also get free guyabano tea in every serving.

Visit her small shop @ 2410 B Oroqueta St., Sta. Cruz Manila. Open on Monday to Saturday @ 5AM to 3PM and on Sundays @ 5AM to 12 NN

Call: 7112812

National Bookstore Warehouse Sales

National Book Store’s Cubao Warehouse Sale. Get up to 80% off on books from May 15 to 18, 2014, 9 am to 8 pm, only at the 4th Floor of National Book Store, Superbranch-Cubao.


Ok... Get ready folks! NBS warehouse sale. Time to get in those long lines again after buying just 3 books

More Cosplay Less Toys

More Cosplay less Toys

Maybe I assumed so much, yet I won’t say that I was disappointed with the event… maybe? Anyway, last Sunday, I went to the Cosmic Com in Alabang, Muntinglupa City and I was expecting something like that of those other toy cons that I have seen. 

Well, the entrance fee was OK, it’s only 20 pesos and as that Cornetto commercial has already said, what can you buy for 20 Pesos nowadays huh?  The event was held in the 3rd floor of Festival Mall in Alabang and mind you, they just barricaded a spot, so it’s not a very large space. There are only few stalls that cater collectible toys and I think the event concentrated more on cosplayers than collectible toys.

Speaking of cosplayers, well… some are impressive (like that giant robot) and some are not. Don’t expect someone like Alodia Gosiengfiao to grace the stagereally… the contest is good but personally I’m not really impressed, maybe because I’m not really into those video game characters and modern Japanese anime. More stalls for dogs and pets? Surprise!

All in all, the event didn't tickle my fancy as a toy enthusiast but at least I enjoyed the hotdogs

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