Friday, October 24, 2014

Los Banos Blues

Last October 12, I accompanied my friend to Los Banos, Laguna to see a garden show. Ok, now to tell you the truth, this is my first time I visited UP Los Banos, so I guess I was a little bit excited about the trip, and second... last time that I went to Cavinti, Laguna, I wasn't able to buy a box of Laguna's famous buko pie, so I was thinking that since I'm already here in Laguna, maybe I can buy one.

Speaking of buko pie, a lot of people seem to wonder why the sudden rise of price? It was only P160.00 per box, but now it is almost P200.00. Wow!


So we boarded the bus by 7:30AM. My friend Rence told me its a 2 hours travel. I may be expecting worst - remember the Manila's traffic problem? But, it's a Sunday, so there will be less traffic in the streets (I hope).

The good thing that the bus got that TV so I can watch a movie within the duration of the travel. They were showing Baby's Day Out - a nice family comedy isn't bad.

The bus left the station at 8:15AM and the traffic was fine.
We were in Laguna by 9AM.

After reaching the Olivares Shopping Center, we decided to walk till we reach UP Los Banos.

It was a long walk. It's a 1.6 km walk from the Olivares Shopping Center to UPLB so we decided to take it lightly, just to kill time.

Before reaching UP, we got a little bit hungry. It was already passed 11AM so we decided to eat. Now this place called "Sulyaw Sa Grove" got the cheapest servings. It only cost me P40.00 but I already got one plate of rice, 2 viands (a soup), and a glass of ice tea.

Welcome to UP Los Banos...

It was my first time to see UPLB, so wow... nice view of the mountain range. I think it is Sierra Madre or Mt. Makiling.
Anyway, let us not forget why me and my friend really came here for.

The flower and garden show. Uhhh.. Ok, so where are the flowers and garden?  Due to that nasty typhoon that  hit Laguna last July (Was it Glenda?) there wasn't too much preparation. *Sigh* I understand. 

So there were quite few exhibits.

We just contend ourselves with some stalls selling plants, which is by the way, cheaper compare here in Manila.

I bought some herbs ( I think it was an Apple Mint, and two Java Mints) and a small grape plant. Rence brought some bunch of orchids.

Before leaving Laguna, I also bought a box of their famous buko pie. 

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