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"Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" - A small book about self-love.

First of all I will be a little bit honest about this. I am an atheist, and frankly, it will be quite a challenge for me to do a review on Ms. Ilsa B. Reyes book. Reviews must be honest and nothing will be more honest than an atheist reviewing a devotional book about God. So, I hope I will do justice to this book and to Ms. Reyes. Now this will be a unique experience for me and for Ms. Reyes. It's my first time as an atheist to review a book about God and I think Ms. Ilsa will have the same experience reading a review from a man who don't believe in God.

"Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" is a small book, but a little book coming from Ms. Ilsa Reyes is quite big indeed. For starters, she has written a lot of books on inspiration and devotion to God and one of her books “Healing through Our Eucharistic Lord and Healing through the Sacrament of Reconciliation even won the 2012 Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards Best Book Ministry Category.

More than just a writer, she is also a full-time Church worker called to inner healing, and intercession. She is also the co-host of Salitang Buhay (over DZMM 630 khz AM, Ch. 26 Skycable, Ch. 25 Destiny, live audio) with Fr. Bel San Luis and Fr. Jerome Marquez. She also does seminars, workshop, songs…

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Just reading her works, her activities you’ll know she’s one busy lady. Does she even have time for herself? Which brings us to her new book.

"Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" 

When I have read her book, there are 2 things that entered my mind: One, I just watched the last installment of the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film. If you’re familiar with it – well Ok hahaha! This is quite a spoiler – but according to the show, before Kenshin learns the ultimate technique, the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū he must learn first to take care of himself, before taking care of others. The same statement echoed from the doctor Takani Megume, when Kenshin returned to Kamiya Kasshin-ryū kenjutsu Dojo in Tokyo. 

The second thing that entered my mind was that of the late Whitney Houston’s song Greatest Love of All (which was sung originally by George Benson). It says there that “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.”

So what does this got to do with Ms. Ilsa B. Reyes’ new book?

Because in this book, she tackled about self-love.

It is a small book, but Ms. Ilsa tackled something big, especially for people like her who have devoted their lives to the service of others. It is about a certain kind of love that people like her have neglected over the years. Yes, she has the devotion, the whole heart of giving love to others, but how about herself? Ms. Ilsa has given her honest situations and opinions in her new book.

"Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" is composed of 10 easy to read chapters that tackles the issue of self-love and each chapter is filled with good explanation and the best devotion for you to understand it. As what Chapter 1 have said “Self-Love Isn’t being Selfish,” "Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" tackles the issues that most loving Christians have neglected. It’s a little book that can strengthen your faith and devotion to God, by learning self-love as an important component of Christian virtue and charity.

Well, even as a non-believer, I enjoyed Ms. Ilsa’s book, for I can relate with her issues – being into humanitarian works myself, I often neglect to love myself before giving love to everyone else. So I recommend this book for everyone.

"Before There's a "WE" There's a "ME" - It is a small book, only 107 pages, you can bring it everywhere and it’s not expensive – just P100.00 per copy, but the things that you will learn is priceless.

Get your copy now, available in every St. Pauls outlets and on

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  1. Thank you for your honest sharing. Keep on with your cause-oriented activities. And yes, let's not forget to love ourselves healthily,hehe. Looking forward to see you again in her other events. She's also into emceeing, conducting talks on inner wellness and editing of books and magazines,whew, such a multi-talented person. For further details about her giftedness and passion towards wholeness, please feel free to contact 0922-549-2002


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