Thursday, April 30, 2015

National Heritage Month

May is National Heritage Month. Let us be proud and celebrate our Philippine heritage.

Planting Rice (1951) by Fernando Amorsolo

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cavinti – A Place of Green Fields and Golden Hearts

We are all familiar with places in Laguna like Paete, Los Banos, and Calamba but how about Cavinti? 

The Art of Fine Dating

You are sitting in a chair, facing your lovely girlfriend. Inside your head, you’re asking, “Is it the right time? Will I tell her?” Your hands sweating  inside your pocket as you hold an engagement ring. Yes! I will ask her to marry me. I will tell her that… Then all of a sudden a baby cried in the back seat. Two kids were playing  tag and one even accidentally bumped into you. The music on the PA system is too loud, you can’t even hear what you are saying. Some ice cream spilled in your best tux and a long line of people at the counter are all looking at both of you.


The horror of dating in a fast food.

A Day In The Art Museum

Every Sunday, the National Art Gallery, Museum of the Philippines is free for the public, so last Easter Sunday, me and some of my friends went to see the collections that they have.

Come and join me on this special tour.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Help For Hands...

There were only 5 pairs of hands, but it's OK. We still managed to deliver the goods to some homeless along Roxas Blvd. here in Manila. 

Thank you Philip Reyes, Jay-r Patio, Ralph Sy, and Vic Michael Estrada.

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