Saturday, February 28, 2015

Is there no shame on this blatant fame whoring?

There are things that we should consider as private, an affair that is only for the family, and one good example is when your love one is on his death-bed. 

That is for your family’s privacy. That is not for Facebook, Twitter, Fashion Police and on the different showbiz news.

Is there no more shame on this blatant fame whoring?

Just my opinion.

Farewell Mr. Spock.

Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, was hospitalized last week following complaints of severe chest pains. Nimoy revealed last year that he had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to the Times, Nimoy's wife Susan Nimoy confirmed the death while confirming COPD as the official cause of his death.

Nimoy's Star Trek series ran from 1967 to 1969 on CBS, where he co-starred with William Shatner's Captain Kirk. He would later portray the character in five Star Trek films that ran throughout the seventies and eighties. He most recently played an older version the character in J. J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot and its sequel Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

100 year celebration of the cooperative existence anchored on the passage of Act 2508.

There will be a celebration in Quezon City about Governor Teodoro Sandiko and Act 2508.

Teodoro Sandiko, then governor of Bulacan, prepared a bill patterned after the Raiffeisen type of credit union and had Rep. Albert Barreto of Zambales sponsor it in the lower House of Congress. The principal aim of this bill was to protect and develop the agricultural interest of the country. When the Barreto sponsored bill was presented it readily obtained unanimous approval on January 20, 1908. The Philippine Commission however, turned it down.

Undaunted by this defeat the sponsors of the bill again put it through in the Second Philippine Legislature. This time it was sponsored in the Lower House by Rep. Rafael Corpuz who succeeded Rep. Barreto from Zambales. The bill was ably presented in both Houses and it was finally passed into law on February 11, 1914 and became Act 2508. When this Act was finally made into law, Gov. Sandiko earned the title of Father of Cooperation in this country.

Tomorrow, there will be some activities for its 100th year anniversary. If you have time to attend, feel free to witness the event at Quezon Memorial Circle at 3 PM.

Free TV, Free Garbage.

I remember the time when free TV is quality TV. Most of the programs are entertaining and at the same time, it has sense. It was the time when I saw Alex Hailey's Roots and Holocaust in RPN 9. There were also programs like Mork and Mindy, St. Elsewhere, Streets of San Francisco...not only foreign films but also quality tagalog shows like Pintig, Gulong Ng Palad (original), Balintataw, Malik-Mata and Panagimpan. 

The news was also better compare to what we now see in TV.  NewsWatch is real news, not in a sleazy, tabloid type that GMA, ABS-CBN,  and ABC 5 is now promoting - gore, showbiz and mindless controversies.

What we get are in free TV right now is nothing but trash.

I pity the new generation.

70th Anniversary of the Battle of Manila

“We should never forget the lessons of war, the loss of lives and heritage.”

From February 3 to March 3 will be the 70th year anniversary of the Battle of Manila. 

The Battle of Manila (Laban ng Maynila ng 1945), also known as the Liberation of Manila, fought between American plus Filipino joined forces and Japanese forces in Manila from 3 February - 3 March 1945.

There's this exhibit going on in the Ayala Museum which will commemorate the 70th anniversary of this epic battle. The event dubbed as “Manila, My City at War!” is a month-long series of exhibit and symposiums showing the various losses brought about by war.

Memorare Manila at Plazuela de Santa Isabel
By the way...

Manila Transitio 1945 will be on March 1, 2015. Sunday. Come commemorate the beautiful that was and celebrate the beautiful Manila that will be. Fort Santiago 3pm - 11pm.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Artistic Hands, Sound Mind

Just get some pencils, pens, crayons, paints and paint brush or a lump of clay and a lot of imagination. Congratulations, you are now an artist. Well… that’s how you’ll going to be if you start early. The best about being an artist is that you don’t need to be a professional to be one. Really. It’s just a matter of taste and what? Therapy. Yes, art can calm your nerves and not only that, someone might even discover your hidden talent.

Why be artistic?
The best thing about art is that it reduces stress. Just try sitting near the window and do some sketches.  It has this certain effect that releases the tension you have on your emotions… something like an outlet. 

Wattpad... What?

It is almost impossible to say that you don’t have any idea about Wattpad. It is almost everywhere, not just on your tables or cell phones. It is now available in printed form, there were movies that came from your favorite Wattpad stories and then there will even be TV shows that came from Wattpad.

Book Signing and it's all about Orchids.

For ye all orchid lovers, there will be a book signing on Feb 22, 5pm -7pm at the Tropical Gardens, Quezon Memorial Circle. Quezon City.

Jim Cootes and George Tiong are coming back with a new book, "A Guide to Dendrobium of the Philippines" This will be launched by League of Orchid Conservationists Philippines and its mother organization,  The Philippine Horticultural Society.

Books will be available for sale on that day @ P850.00 for the Dendrobium Book, and P1,900.00 for the the book titled "Philippine Native Orchid Species." 

Part of the proceeds will be for benefit of Philippine orchid conservation.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Greenhills Shopping Center - A Collector's Mecha.

If you collect toys, and stuff like me there’s only one place that will enter your mind here in Metro Manila. That’s right! Welcome To Greenhills Shopping Center!
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