Friday, September 19, 2014

Just my random thoughts… (September 19 @ 6:45PM)

Ok, so it’s a rainy day (… since last night) and most places in Metro Manila are flooded. My Facebook wall is now full of news about the flood, which is really not news since every time there’s rain, there’s flood waters – as if I’m waiting for Noah’s ark to pass by.

Anyway, not really much news since I just stayed home a did a lot of reading and writing… articles, personal stuff, things like that. I didn’t watch cable TV since I’m not in the mood. So I guess a rainy Friday does make someone gloomy huh?

Nothing interesting here in Facebook, uh… I don’t know. The day still hasn’t ended yet so I may wait a while to see if something interesting comes up.

What else is new? Someone posted pictures of this Jamich thing. Jamich – sounds like a brand of designer’s bag or something. I don’t know – I don’t watch them on YouTube. I prefer full documentary shows and my family always watch “spaghetti westerns” so I guess I’m not really paying too much attention about this Jamich thing.

Some friends are challenging me to place a strainer on top of my head. Wait, I’m not a Pastafarian, so why should I place a strainer on my head? I never even use a Jewish kippah nor a fez,  so why a strainer? 

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