Thursday, September 25, 2014

What happened with the mami?

I bet if Mr. Ma Mon Luk saw his restaurant and tasted his mami, he'll be crying in his grave. 

Known to be the guy who popularized the mami, Ma Mon Luk was said to be the person who made the lowly "gupit" into this comfort food that we now love (from the word Ma = Manok and Mi= Miki) and established this restaurant in Quiapo, Manila which still bears his name. The place is iconic, but…

I went there to taste a little bit of history, but was a bit surprised and disappointed. The place is a little bit shabby, MY GOLLY! The waiters are not even wiping the tables dry. The kitchen seems to be a little dirty and to my dismay, the famous mami seems to be using old chicken stock. It doesn't even taste fresh.

Hayz! So much with heritage and being the pioneer. With all the new establishments, all contending to be the most delicious mami, there will be a lot of competition and with this kind of service and product, the famous Ma Mon Luk will be out of the race and business in no time. 

Please, whoever is in-charge with the restaurant, let Ma Mon Luk’s legacy live on and take good care of his restaurant.

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