Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Useless begins with "U."

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The problem with some people is that they just love to talk and they never set their priorities straight.

Ok, so you know a lot of things, you can type perfect English on social forums like Facebook and Google+, you almost read all the books in this world – Then what?

That’s the problem. There are so many “know it all” yet not one have been bold enough to go out in the front line and let his action do the walking instead of his fingers. So what’s the merit of your ideas?

Ok, so you claim to know everything there is to know, you talk about how to save the Philippine economy, for example, yet as a friend has told me, you still live in the comforts of your house, with your Mom and Dad. Now how on this frigging world will I accept your braggadocio if you’re still not even a part of the workforce? You don't even pay tax!

Then what? Groups… oh yes, the never ending groups – and the purpose of your group? What is it for? Ah ok… nice. Geezzz! It’s a fucking sorority for Christ sake! It’s just a "groupy full of losers!"
What’s your social relevance? Why does it exist in the first place? What’s your role and what are the benefits you’re going to offer society in terms of education, economy, aesthetics... Give me a break!

So before you boast your group’s accomplishments, see to it first if it's worth anything. You see, you may say that your group has an accomplishment, but please bear in mind that accomplishments are big, significant achievements, not just petty ego-boosters for jerks.

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