Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is this a "fashion show" or a good excuse to be a sexist pig?

The Naked Truth...

I just got this news from the Internet and it said here...

                                                                                             Photo from Facebook

Ok... artistic. Artistic?

Now, in another part of the world, Ms. Emma Watson is now speaking about gender equality, but here in the Philippines, a certain clothing line is advocating garbage on its underwear fashion show.

This is the most blatant display of sexist bullshit I ever saw in my entire life. My golly! It's advocating the idea that men are masters and women are just his pet. What? That is so medieval. Who's the screw-up person that created this idea and has the nerve to show this crap in a fashion show? Napakatindi suguro ng galit nito sa babae? 

Does Bench advocate such idea of sexist crap?

It's a fashion show for Christ sake! It's is supposed to be about the line of clothing. Let's forget all the lewdness of men in skimpy underpants touching and presenting their precious "cargo" to the sexually enticed viewers, but to be a sexist bigot jerk? That's crossing the line and it's so cheap. 

That makes a big difference between being classy from being crappy.

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