Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bread and Tradition at Kamuning Bakery

Filipinos are known for its tradition, but sadly there are quite very few historic places that survived. When  I say "historic," what I mean are places that can be considered quite old. Well, it really doesn't need to be a place where the Katipuneros ate their meals... but take this bakery as a good example.

Located in a street in Kamuning, Quezon City is a bakery that is three years younger to the Philippine Commonwealth and just imagine, in that time "Wizard of Oz" just had its premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Welcome to Kamuning Bakery.

Historical? Very much. The Kamuning Bakery started when the late President Quezon’s close ally Alejandro Roses Sr. suggested the Bonifacio Family (Said to be descendants of Lucia-Rizal-Herbosa – sister of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and owner of the Los Banos Bakery in Manila) to open a bakery here in Quezon City. So they send their newly wed daughter Attorney Leticia “Letty” Bonifacio Javier and Marcelo to Kamuning where they started Kamuning Bakery in 1939.

Sadly, Marcelo died in 1945 in the hands of the Japanese. Leticia continued the bakery with the help of her uncle, Ambrocio Ison, and her 3 children.

Now, the bakery is owned by Philippine Star lifestyle/business columnist Wilson Lee Flores.

The bakery can be said as the oldest bakery using the original pugon here in metro Manila. Yes, all of its bread goodness are baked using the traditional pugon. One of its bestsellers is the Pan de Suelo, a favorite of the late President Corazon “Cory” Aquino. Pan de Suelo is a local version of the French baguette which has this crunchy texture on the outside yet very soft in the inside, It is the perfect combination to jams, jelly or any “palaman” that you can think of also,  it is  best with coffee or chocolate.

Another famous bread is the Pan de Rizal, a small round shaped bread which, according to stories, it was Rizal’s favorite bread and the one given to him by his sister when he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago.

The bakery is quite famous since a lot of celebrities visit the place. Celebrities like Ms. Coney Reyes, Mr. Richard Gomez , Mr. Rogelio dela Rosa , Mr. Aga Muhlach , Mr. Mikael Daez ,Ms. Jessica Soho , Ms. Gloria Romero, Felice Prudente Santa Maria , Mr. Butch Dalisay, Ms. Julie Yap-Daza, Don Alejandro Roces, Nick Joaquin among others.

Address: No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, Kamuning, Quezon City.
Tels: 9292216, 7945045, 09175202756, 09985544220, 09228321888, 09178481818.
[Store Hours extended to 11 pm daily & to 9 pm on Sundays]

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