Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant - Dining with pure intentions.

Located in Binondo is a Chinese restaurant with a not very Chinese name... Welcome to Sincerity. But don't be fooled. The restaurant was a dream of Uy Mo Koan and Uy Lim Bee. They were trying to introduce authentic Amoy dishes in Manila. With only 600 pesos capital, they opened a small noodle house in Binondo in 1956 and because they serve the customers with sincere intentions, they decided to name the restaurant as Sincerity.

Today, 58 years later, Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant is still serving its customer with sincere intentions.

The ambiance is just great. A modern atmosphere with traditional Chinese touch. The plates were like Japanese Bento... aha! Oriental I might say.

No, this is not a Japanese Bento Box, but oriental nevertheless. A good serving of Chamisua, Fried Chicken, lumpiang Shanghai and fried rice.

They also serve winter melon tea (tea made from kundol)... Sorry I don't have the picture, but it was so refreshing. They say that the winter melon tea they serve in Sincerity is their own special brew.

Unlike other fried chicken that I have eaten so far... well... Sincerity Chicken is quite unique. They have chopped the chicken into easy servings that you won't distinguish which part you are eating. Then the chicken is coated and deep fried so you get a crispy golden brown in the outside, yet juicy chicken in the inside. Serve with sweat and sour sauce, the chicken is very Chinese yet uniquely Sincerity.

Now, this is what they call a Cha misua. No, it's not Chami nor bijon. Cha misua is stir fried using thinner noodles (is that why it's called a misua?) with lots of peanuts. They say that this dish is quite simple, but I find it quite tasty.

Sincerity also serves Filipino dishes like this Halo-Halo.

Here other noodles that they serve...


Cha Bihon
No wonder, Sincerity was visited by famous celebrities, which includes TV / Radio host Winnie Cordero, Korean TV Host - Ryan Bang and the Queen of Philippine Talkshow herself, Ms. Kris Aquino.

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

497 E.T. Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St.), Binondo, Manila
Telephone Numbers: 241-9990 / 241-9972

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