Sunday, February 1, 2015

Greenhills Shopping Center - A Collector's Mecha.

If you collect toys, and stuff like me there’s only one place that will enter your mind here in Metro Manila. That’s right! Welcome To Greenhills Shopping Center!

I don’t know when it started. Back then, when people talk about Greenhills, it’s all about Betamax and VHS. Now, it’s all about action figures, die cast toys and other collectibles. 

Located somewhere in the middle between Ortigas, Mandaluyong City and San Juan, Greenhills was developed in 1966 and the concept was presented with no other than Architect Juan Nakpil. The concept included a supermarket, a movie house, variety stores, a bowling alley, service shops and restaurants.

Ok, so if you’re in EDSA the best way is via Annapolis St., and that street will go directly to Greenhills Shopping Center. There are lots of restaurants to choose from – fitting for your taste buds. Also, there are so many shops. Just next to Shoppersville are booths where they sell a lot of rip-offs (hahaha!) Boothlegs of imported bags and shoes – Ok… and some China made cell phones and tablets, but that’s not the reason why we go to Greenhills. It’s all about collectibles! Model kits, Side Show action figures. My golly! Figures raging from P800.00 to a whopping P15, 000.00 can be found here.

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