Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free TV, Free Garbage.

I remember the time when free TV is quality TV. Most of the programs are entertaining and at the same time, it has sense. It was the time when I saw Alex Hailey's Roots and Holocaust in RPN 9. There were also programs like Mork and Mindy, St. Elsewhere, Streets of San Francisco...not only foreign films but also quality tagalog shows like Pintig, Gulong Ng Palad (original), Balintataw, Malik-Mata and Panagimpan. 

The news was also better compare to what we now see in TV.  NewsWatch is real news, not in a sleazy, tabloid type that GMA, ABS-CBN,  and ABC 5 is now promoting - gore, showbiz and mindless controversies.

What we get are in free TV right now is nothing but trash.

I pity the new generation.

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