Saturday, January 31, 2015

Call Center Blues

I thought that I can still hold myself and survive a job that requires you to work for 9 hours at a time when the majority are all sleeping soundly in their beds. Not that I'm complaining. Maybe if I still have the body of a 25 year old kid, but sad to say time have ravaged my stamina. 

Working in a call center may be a solution to most of the unemployment problem we are now facing here in our beloved country. Just imagine if all these call centers would be just instantly cease to exist. Wow - that would tantamount to a problem of major catastrophe! I also salute those people - especially those kids that are now working in the call-center industry.

For my foreign friends - yes, when you call your hot lines, chances are you are now talking to a kid from the Philippines. That guy still haven't slept and he/she may be talking to at least 66 customers already since his/her shift.

The problem with this industry is that I feel some of these BPO's are taking advantage of these kids. It's their first jobs and they're afraid of losing it. Salary disputes are the most prevailing issues.

Job wise, a call center job is ... well can't think of a better word, but my mentor once said is a "dumb man's job" - it's robotic. It doesn't need much brain power to say a spiel, nor to memorize all this crap you see on a computer screen. All you have to do is to apply them on your queries. You are being graded by the way you apply those "blue prints" on the issues you are trying to fix.

But again, it's a job.

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