Monday, February 2, 2015

Artistic Hands, Sound Mind

Just get some pencils, pens, crayons, paints and paint brush or a lump of clay and a lot of imagination. Congratulations, you are now an artist. Well… that’s how you’ll going to be if you start early. The best about being an artist is that you don’t need to be a professional to be one. Really. It’s just a matter of taste and what? Therapy. Yes, art can calm your nerves and not only that, someone might even discover your hidden talent.

Why be artistic?
The best thing about art is that it reduces stress. Just try sitting near the window and do some sketches.  It has this certain effect that releases the tension you have on your emotions… something like an outlet. 

There are studies that support art therapy.  Like, say, your anger can reduce by doing some paintings.  That’s because colors affect our moods. Bright colors can affect your sadness… something like a cheering effect. Pastel colors reduce anger.  Not only colors, but so does what you draw. Nature backgrounds, birds on trees can cheer you up. So the best thing is after that stressful work in the office, or at school, just get some pens or crayons and let your hand glide in that canvass. 

Art can also teach you empathy. Recent studies have shown art can teach a person to care with one another.  Kids that are constantly taught how to draw take in the capability to rationally place themselves in another person shoes by comprehend their feelings, and treat others with sympathy, because they earn how to interpret the other kids’ artwork. 

Yet, there are more. Precision, accuracy and creativity are all products of an artistic mind.

Before  you start, you need some tools. Hey! You don’t need to buy those expensive acrylic paints and canvass. A good brand of watercolor, colored pencils and a drawing pad will do. You can even just buy some pencils for simple sketches. 

Not so fast… before you go to the nearest art supply store, think. What do you want to do? Draw, sketch, do some clay sculpting? What inspires you? What will be your subject matter – natures, people, animals?  You don’t need to buy books. Just surf the Internet to will find good tutorials. 
Now that you have an idea on what you are going to do, time to buy your tools.

In buying  your art tools I will not say that you have to buy the most expensive, nor will I say that you look for a bargain. Sometimes cheaper brands can easily be broken or can give you bad results which might cause disappointments in the future. I say that you buy the one that you feel right for you. Remember that art is very mutually related to your inner feelings. 

Ok, now you start drawing something, but remember practice first. Practicing what you learn from those tutorials that you saw on YouTube is is as good as having a hands on training. Upppsss… mistake! Wait, don’t throw your mistakes in the trashcan yet. The good thing about being an artist is that you don’t have to waste anything. Just make a file of all your poorly draw artworks for future reference.  Those “mistakes” may  inspire you to create something new in  the future.

File your works as your portfolio.  Speaking of your personal portfolio, the Internet has a lot to offer regarding on showing your artworks to the world. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be your best best. Just scan your work and upload them on Facebook for your friends to see.  Want to be more daring? Upload your work to sites like DeviantArt and DrawCrowd and who knows, someone might even ask you for a commission work.

Speaking of profit, you can earn money on your work and you don’t need to be a professional artist. Really! Make some cute T-Shirt design for your friends and who knows, a lot of your friends’ friends might order some for them. Colored containers, fancy cans, notebook wrappers, you name it! All can be done with few artistic talents. 

Also the best thing about doing artwork  is that the more you make great craftsmanship, the better you get to be. So what are you waiting for?  Start getting some colored pens and paper ready and who knows, you might end up as a modern Michelangelo. 

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