Wednesday, February 4, 2015

100 year celebration of the cooperative existence anchored on the passage of Act 2508.

There will be a celebration in Quezon City about Governor Teodoro Sandiko and Act 2508.

Teodoro Sandiko, then governor of Bulacan, prepared a bill patterned after the Raiffeisen type of credit union and had Rep. Albert Barreto of Zambales sponsor it in the lower House of Congress. The principal aim of this bill was to protect and develop the agricultural interest of the country. When the Barreto sponsored bill was presented it readily obtained unanimous approval on January 20, 1908. The Philippine Commission however, turned it down.

Undaunted by this defeat the sponsors of the bill again put it through in the Second Philippine Legislature. This time it was sponsored in the Lower House by Rep. Rafael Corpuz who succeeded Rep. Barreto from Zambales. The bill was ably presented in both Houses and it was finally passed into law on February 11, 1914 and became Act 2508. When this Act was finally made into law, Gov. Sandiko earned the title of Father of Cooperation in this country.

Tomorrow, there will be some activities for its 100th year anniversary. If you have time to attend, feel free to witness the event at Quezon Memorial Circle at 3 PM.

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