Saturday, August 30, 2014

Going Around in Circles in Quezon City Memorial Circle

[Wile E. Cayote is a trademark of Warner Brothers.]
I got lost in QC Memorial Circle because WOW! Because their security guards don't know where to find places - as if you asked them where this and that is and they will just point you in all goddamn directions around the park. 

I was looking for this Urban Garden, so I asked the nearest security guard where can I find it. So, he pointed me in a certain direction and I went there. Sadly, the said urban garder was not there. So I asked another security and he pointed me in another direction. Again, the said garden was not there - And I ask another security guard, the janitors, people around the park, till I almost  toured the whole GODDAMN PARK!

So, in the end of this useless effort, I met my friends holding free plants that they got in the garden, while I almost toured the whole park, getting nothing but a bad case of MUDDY AND SOAR FEET.

The best thing to do? Go home and sleep. Nothing a good sleep can't fix... while cursing the whole park in your dreams. 

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