Saturday, August 30, 2014


My friend Rence Chan always says that a group must stay focused. That's right, 
F O C U S....

Now what happened if you're out of focus?

Well, it becomes fuzzy. The moment that a group became out of focused, you will never even distinguished the group's goals. Mission and Vision remember? Now, if the vision becomes blurry, the groups main reason for existing becomes questionable and indistinguishable.

I also say that not only in groups, but this also apply to you as a person. If you become out of focus, what happened? What happened to your goals, your dreams? 

Also, by focusing on something, you become an expert in something that really fits your life. Hey? Are you a "Jack of all trades, master of none?"

You have to have your own market, your own "niche market." That will make you an interesting fellow. Yes, knowing a lot of things can be good, especially if that is your forte, but please never pretend something that you are not. If that is not your field of expertise, then don't try to fool yourself. You don't belong there. Find something that you really like by heart - that's where you come in.

So again, stay focused.

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