Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Kaleidoscope of Style and Color

It is quite sad to think that we Filipinos have neglected art - whether it's about painting, drawing, sketch... that's the same lament that Mr. Romy De Leon, President of  Pinsel Art Society, told me when me and my friends visited their exhibit in Galeria De Las Islas at the 3rd floor of Silahis Art Center in Intramuros. 

The exhibit is called KULAY-DOSCOPE and it will be there from August 08 to 23. 

KULAY-DOSCOPE... it reminds me of this small toy called a kaleidoscope - that small tube with some mirrors inside in which every time you turn it, different colorful patterns will appear - well, it is something like that. The exhibit showcases different art style - traditional, modern and it features different medium and of course, different artists. 

The exhibit is also a venue for young, budding artists to display their work.

As what Mr. De Leon was saying, Filipino seems to be neglecting the arts, like as it is very rare for the ordinary people to talk about it, to visit museums and art galleries. A good reason why he founded the Pinsil Art Society. Pinsil is a Tagalog word meaning a small brush - small in the sense that The Pinsil Art Society is a small group - only 12 members. Its aim is to rekindle the Filipinos love of the arts.

Visit the exhibit and see for yourself what we are missing nowadays.

Mr. Romy De Leon, architect/artist President of Pinsil Art Society


Participating artists include: Ms. Beth Bravo, Ms. Chas Maratas , Mr. Paul EscobaƱas , Jerrika Shi, Bal Fornaliza, Mr. Jaime Medina, Mr. Romeo De Leon , Cedric De Leon, Mr. Jaime Leon, Mr. Jun Tivi , Micas Dionisio , Ronald Uy, Mark Hernandez, George Cubacub, Andy Mortell, Marilou Solano, Coleen Elic , Paulo Amparo , Andrew Tan , Raquel Burce, Clarissa Navidad, Lina Dalmacio, Armand Guittenring , Sheril Gagala.

The exhibition is OPEN and is FREE to the public.

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