Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting a high standard for beauty, health and wellness

IBHWEX Presscon

For the coming 2nd International Beauty, Health & Wellness Expo this August 28-30, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center.

Representatives from Sponsors Exhibitors/s: Dr. Alvin Matulac (President of A.R.M. Skin Essentials Corp), Mr. Jason Ramos (Business Development Manager of Global Medical Technology Manila Inc.), Ms. Mitch Guce (Director of People Management Association of the Philippines), Bro. Joel Ruiz (Strategic Marketing Director from Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014)Dr. Hernan Delizo and Dir. Ferdinand Manfoste (Department of Trade and Industry), Marjorie Lopingco (Chairman of the Philippine Wellness Spa Association Inc.), Dr. Hernan Delizo (President of Clinical Manila, Vice-Pres for Dales and Marketing), Carmie De Leon (Healthway Medical), Ms. Baby Cruz (Chairwoman and Founder of Innovation and Concepts), Ms. Cory Quirino (Beauty, Health and Wellness Icon from World of Wellness)


The Presscon was held on August 12, 2014 @ The Blackboard Resto, 5th Floor, The Podium in Ortigas, Pasig and was hosted by Ms. Carla Marie Cainoy.

Beautiful faces everywhere, but that is not just skin deep.

According to Ms. Michelle Ballesteros, CEO Exlink Events, it is all about beauty with a purpose. The 2nd International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo (IBHWEX) aims to create a venue for local buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers meet potential foreign counterparts, to showcase their products and new technology - why? Well, so we can be competitive.

Today the Philippines is competing with its Asian neighbors in the field of beauty and health care. There is also something they call "Medical Tourism." Now, it's not just about competition. It is also integration - we must make our standard at least as par as of the other Asian countries.

Not only in the field of medical tourism... 

... but also in the manufacturing sector and even the workplace. That is what IBHWEX is all about.
Making our products and service competitive to generate more demands. More demands, more job. More job, more people become happy and beautiful. So it's not only about being beautiful and healthy.

IBHWEX will not just focus on physical beauty, but also on about being beautiful inside: mentally and spiritually. There will seminars on Yoga and Meditations, Psychosocial health, and even financial wellness. Other than that, there will even be a job fair.

Ms. Baby Cruz and her daughter.

Now, what am I'm really excited about is the Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014 Benefit Fashion Show on August 30.

Well, I consider myself lucky to meet most of the beauties. So "Hi there." to the following:

Ms. Rachell Tolentino, Ms. Arceya Belle Cruz, Ms. Ellyz Santos, Ms. Shiela Macario, Ms. Joanna Karol Garcia, Ms. Jannis Jade Dingle, Ms. Ianna Anne Co Pua and Ms. Julie Anne Fernandez Makki. (The guy in the middle is Mr. Rence Chan. Hi! Rence!

Just a glimpse of what transpired at the press conference...

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