Saturday, August 16, 2014

Free? More than just about plants... (Day 1 of Orchidology Seminar 101)

I would like to consider myself quite lucky that I attended the free orchidology seminar last July 19 and 20 that was presented by the Philippine Horticultural Society in cooperation with  Philippine Orchid Conservation and Preservation Volunteer  ( POCaPV ) that was held at Gancayco Hall, Century Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle

Ok, it was free, that's the catch. I sometimes assume that when something was given freely, it may lack some important details - I WAS WRONG! 

The seminar is almost complete by itself. I learned a lot and the lecturer... wow! So let me use this blog to give my personal thank to Mr. Ray Ong, who gave a lot on that seminar - new ideas, better results and he even blasted some old misconceptions when it comes to fertilizing orchids.

So Day 1 of the seminar was all about basic orchid knowledge and plant nutrition.

Here's the president of the Philippine Horticultural Society, Ms. Adoracion "Tita Dorie" Bernabe gives thanks to all those who attended the Day 1 Seminar. We also have certificates.

Next is Day 2.

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