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Problems in Cyberspace

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Today, everyone has a certain gadget, like a laptop, a desktop, tablets, iPads, cell phone… welcome to Cyberspace!  Cyberspace? It’s a jungle out there! From nasty virus, malware,  to the worst kinds of people! Every time you open social sites on the Internet, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or a blog, you are laying yourself open to different problems, whether it is about your equipment, your finances or even your life. There are always nasty things out there just waiting to prey on the unaware. That is why every time you open your computer, always be on alert, and maybe by reading this article you save you some money or even your life.

Technically Speaking
So the first line of problems you might encounter may affect your computer. I’m talking about viruses, malware, worms… those nasty stuff.  The first time I used the Internet… well, that is not that long ago huh? But anyway, in that time was the first that I encountered he word “virus” being used in something mechanical, like a computer.  So, a computer virus is some kind of a program that replicates itself… something like what a real virus do. Now, they just don’t make copies of themselves, but they even modify existing programs on your computer, cell phones, and tablets. 

There! Say bye-bye to your files. 
Now these nasty critters are worst. Instead of just erasing your files, they are now hacking your personal accounts! Your passwords, your personal identification numbers (PIN) and even your credit card number. 

So what to do?
Have a good anti-virus installed in your computer. You’ll never know and frankly, prevention is better than cure. There are a lot of good brands in the market and there are also good free anti-virus software that you can download on the Internet.  Talking about downloading, be exceptionally cautious  when trying to download something on the Internet. These days, we have a tendency to get anything  on sharing sites and torrents. Books, comics, music, movies, software… yes, you get every one of them free, yet there's a cost. Nasty virus, Trojans and malware are just lurking, simply hiding, waiting for a clueless chap to download them.  Always download from trustworthy sources and please don’t support piracy.

Human Monsters
Had it ever happened to you that you purchased something online and instead of receiving what you ordered, you received something very different? Worst is that you didn’t even received anything at all. A lot of bad people take advantage of the Internet’s anonymity. False identity, bogus addresses… they used this to lure the gullible in buying their… well, their non-existing products. 

Have you seen these sites  that offer services and promises a “get rich quick” result when you join them? These are the usual pyramid scams which guarantee quick cash in exchange for offering their items. Usually, these sites present  you alluring bundles that will make you rich, but first, you have to pay a certain amount to get a “special kit” before they begin sending you a few checks.  There is also the offer of some “secret methods” that… Well, before you will know the secret, you have to send them your credit card number.

The worst are the cases of cyber bullying, cyber-harassment, and cyberstalking. Bullying other people on the Internet always happen in chat rooms and social networks and don’t ever think that cyber bullying is just a minor computer prank played by kids. There are news about teens getting killed or committing suicide because they were harassed on the Internet. 

So what to do?
First thing, be careful with what you post on the Internet. Yes! We love to upload our selfie pictures on social networks, but that is also allowing bullies to get you. All they have to do is to download your picture, place it on a photo manipulating software and VIOLA!  My gosh! Are you also telling your relationship and its intimate details in a forum?  Never “spill your beans” to everyone on the Internet.  Always talk those personal or intimate subjects to a person that you already know personally. Be very careful with your password an if you can, just change your password from time to time… a month or so. In case of being bullied, ignore and better yet ban the offensive individual off your grid and inform the authorities. Tell your ISP provider to give you a different account.

Investigate. Try to research the reputation of the website who are planning to join. Don’t fall on those “get rich quick” schemes and before you celebrate when someone announced that you have won something, try thinking first if you really did join such a promo. 

Be watchful when placing account numbers from your credit card, debit card, your SSS or even your TIN. Also, be aware when you place your home address, you are almost telling the whole world where you live. 

Remember folks, cyberspace doesn't need to be a jungle. It is a fun place, provided that responsibility and care will be your number one priority.

Have a happy and safe surfing!

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