Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#selfiEscolta - The Manila Street Heritage Festival

- Selfies will be displayed on a live “selfie wall” at the event site 

#selfiEscolta to help in the awareness campaign.

- Participants will be requested to reserve their slots for the tour online to ensure the smooth flow of events.

*Street fair with the following sellers:
- Food bazaar
- Arts and crafts, vintage items for souvenirs
- Photo printing booths to allow people to print the photos they have taken at the event 

*Photo Exhibit
- To be located at First United Building, at the site of the regular Saturday Market
- Will feature reprints of photographs from the J. Tewell collection, depicting Escolta’s heyday
- Aside from posting online, selfie takers are encouraged to post/pin their printed copies of their photos on the “selfie wall,” which will be updated real time from various social media sites, (FB, Twitter, IG, with the hashtag #selfiEscolta). 

*Tara na sa Escolta Street Concert
- Culminating activity for the whole-day event
- Will feature performances from various cultural and modern musical artists all day long

See you there! :)

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