Monday, July 14, 2014

Kasa Boix

The thing I really admire here are the group of people who's responsible for keeping the place intact through thick or thin.

The group is called Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautistaa atbp. Lugar Inc. (KKB). It is a non-stock/non-profit organization composed of students and young professional volunteers from different fields who advocate for cultural and heritage preservation.

Their goal is to improve the tangible and intangible thread that connects us in the aspect of heritage. They are now focused on Bautista St., gearing up for its development.

If you want to help them, or you want to know more about KKB, just contact the following:

Michelle Ting - 09198596118, Allan Martinez - 09053543913 and Stephen Pamorada - 09202834977

About the house... (According to KKB)

It was on August 21, 1895 when Don Marino Teotico submitted to the government a plan to build a house on Barbosa St. (now called Bautista St.) in Quiapo, Manila. After the Teodico, it was the Crespos and then the Catalan-Boix. It was then acquired by the Jesuits who currently own the property.

Kasa Boix became a boarding house for students and it was said that former Philippine President, Manuel L. Quezon made this his temporary home when he was still studying Law in UST. 

The house is now in a state of decay and neglect but fortunately, there are people like KKB who are now trying their best to preserve and restore this piece of history to its former glory. 


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