Friday, June 27, 2014

A week without Facebook... GREAT!!!

Well, it was a success! Staying away from Facebook does have a lot of advantages. First, my production doubled. Without Facebook, I was able to submit 2 articles a day to my editor.

Second, I manage to update my blog and I even created a new one. I even updated my 3D portfolio! WOW!

So there, now I can really say that Facebook does have a lot of disadvantages. Ok... so do I need to delete my account?


I can use Facebook as an advantage. Post my links, look for events... The thing is to utilized Facebook to your advantage. You don't need to be here almost all the day 24/7 and all the weeks. What? Why? You don't have a life?

Make it useful, like just to see what's up, what's the news or something that can give you an idea. - New invention, new event, new info - that's fine.

Discussions in Facebook? Facebook organizations? Ano ako, hilo? No way, Jose! No more discussions and debates. No need to entertain idiocity and SPAMS, fame whores, whiners and those who just rants the whole damn day, trolls and all other forms of BULLSHITS!

Facebook is just Facebook, it's not your real life.

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