Friday, June 27, 2014

Shin Din Kha Maki Place - Comfort all the way.

When you think about comfort food and Chinese food, the first thing that enters your mind is congee (lugaw). That is also what I thought, until I heard about what they call as "maki" soup.Now, maki is not the same as an egg-drop soup. Maki (or makimi) is a pork, chicken, fish or beef soup, with or without noodles, in a very thick broth. Now the broth is dark and has this velvet texture, from cornstarch of course. Maki is considered a comfort food, since a sip of the hot broth is quite filling to your stomach.

There is one place in Binondo where you can taste a real maki... and that is Maki Place.

It is just a small restaurant tucked in Benavides St., but a lot of customers have already known this place where they can get delicious maki.

They serve 3 different maki: Pork, chicken and fish and they also have other delicious Chinese delicacies to offer like their own fresh lumpia.

Now I was so fortunate to see a live demonstration of how they make their lumpia at Maki Place. Unlike the other lumpia that I saw, Maki's lumpia is not the usual log type... you know, long wrapped lumpia. Maki's lumpia looks like a large square-bag like full of goodies.

Another original is their ice tea, which is an original brew recipe. I think they put lime (or kalamansi) in their tea... very delicious.

 And the best combination... radish cake and maki. PERFECT!

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