Monday, May 18, 2015

They never make films like they used to. My take on Minsan, May Isang Puso.

 "Ang problema, hindi tinatakasan."

Just watched Minsan, May Isang Puso on Cinema One. The story was nice... for a change. 

Simple lang ang story. It's about a teenage boy whose family used to be middle class. Their reversal of fortune happens after the father gets sick and becomes a vegetable confined to his bed. Although the mother, Jaclyn Jose, works in an office, the family just couldn't make both ends meet and this forces Carlo to drop out of school and work as a bakery assistant.

His employer (Ricky Davao) happens to be a foul-mouthed grouch who seems to be carrying the load of the world on his shoulders. Later, it is revealed that Ricky Davao isn't really all that bad. He's only feeling bitter and guilty after his wife and son die in a vehicular accident; with him behind the wheel.

The movie focuses mainly on the relationship between Carlo Aquino and Ricky Davao and how they eventually help each other get on with life.

The film casts includes: Ricky Davao, Carlo Aquino (as the teenager), and  Ms. Jaclyn Jose.

Walang ligawan, walang mga teen-agers na inuurugan. Walang palabas labas-dibdib, walang mga bababeng nagpapaka-cheap. The acting was good. Sayang at walang nga ganitong uring pelikula.

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