Friday, May 22, 2015

Justice Must Be Serve!

Yung nagyaring sunog sa Valenzuela City... ano na nga ba? It was a warehouse of rubber slippers and 72 poor souls were trapped and was burned to crisp when the warehouse caught fire on May 13.

I just saw on TV news that the families of those who owned the warehouse were asking for forgiveness. Ganoon lang? Forgiveness? So while those poor workers were working their asses, what did they did to elevate the workers poor working condition?  GMA News said that the owners of the warehouse are not even paying their SSS benefits - talaga? There were no proper fire exit? No sprinkler and alarm systems? Highly flammable chemicals were found to have been mishandled? Also, no safety officer and no BFP permit for welding operations in the premises. What the?

Now, the families of the owners are crying for forgiveness? Kung hindi pa nasunog yung 72 na tao, saka lang nalaman ang mga kagaguhan ng mga mayayamang kapitalista na mga ito. Putangina!!!!

There is this sick tradition that most warehouse owners do. They lock all the doors of their establishments - windows and door, to prevent their workers from coming out at night - and the reason? Because they don't trust their own workers. They say this prevent their workers to steal. Ok, so when disaster happens, the poor workers are all trapped like rats.

I hope the government will really look on this and punished those who violated the law - without getting paid and bribed. Justice must be serve.

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