Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Art of Fine Dating

You are sitting in a chair, facing your lovely girlfriend. Inside your head, you’re asking, “Is it the right time? Will I tell her?” Your hands sweating  inside your pocket as you hold an engagement ring. Yes! I will ask her to marry me. I will tell her that… Then all of a sudden a baby cried in the back seat. Two kids were playing  tag and one even accidentally bumped into you. The music on the PA system is too loud, you can’t even hear what you are saying. Some ice cream spilled in your best tux and a long line of people at the counter are all looking at both of you.


The horror of dating in a fast food.

Ok, most commercial we see on TV these days promote dates in a fast food. That’s cute, especially if you’re just a teenager.  However, proper dating requires maturity and a sense of style.

Why Date?
So what’s your purpose of dating her?  Well, dating is defined differently by different people. Huh? Relative? It can be about friendship, companionship, Ok… this article is about fine dating so I guess I have to zero in on the type of dating that is required to build a relationship. So going back, why date?

The one reason for this is that you are trying to establish a relationship with someone. It’s a “getting to know more” process.  You are dating someone to “know her” not to “bang her.” Maybe you know what I mean.

Date Dressing
Anyway, it’s really not to impress anyone,  but come on folks. Proper ambiance sets the mood.  

Now this is the most important part. Before you wear your date clothes, see to it that you smell good and look good. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!  You may say this is very basic, but hey, I have seen guys who have large wet stains in their armpit while wearing polo shirts. Eww… 

So, take a bath and  for the love of God,  please have a good shave .  Also, don’t forget to use a good deodorant.  You don’t want to smell like a durian in your first date.  Have a good hair cut, something nice and decent. Remember, that your appearance tells a lot about you. A guy with unruly hair can give an impression of being untidy and unreliable.

So we talk first about what to wear. Remember,  good impression goes a very long way so you have to dress up to give your date a good impression about you.  For simple dates, like a movie, try something casual. A good polo shirt, a nice, clean pair of jeans.  Also, don’t wear something too flashy. You’re not a peacock and you don’t really want to look like a circus clown.  Also, don’t wear too much black. You’re on a date, not a funeral.

Be yourself. Do not try wearing something that will be very new to you. You see, if you look uncomfortable with your clothes, chances are your date will also be uncomfortable to you.  You can also put some jewelry and watches. That will be cool, but don’t over do it. You don’t want to look like a walking Christmas tree.

Fancy dinner dates? Ok, try wearing something like a slack or a vest,  but don’t do it too much.  A nice coat and tie is good if you’re going to the fanciest restaurant in the city, but again, you’re on a date not a business meeting. 

Where to go
You’re all dressed up, so the next problem is where to go?  That depends… a movie, a play. What’s your intentions? Formal introduction or informal date?  

Now, let’s look at informal date first. Your crush might bring her friends with her on the date. Ok… there maybe 5 or 10 friends joining you depending on how popular your girlfriend is. So the first thing that will come in your mind is the budget. The most humiliating thing that may befall you is when she will be the one paying. Surely, you don’t want that to happen.  The best thing to do is to think in advance. Will she bring all her friends with her? Now, the best place will be a fast food. There’s a considerable measure of promos happening with fast food nowadays and you may able to buy a meal good for ten individuals at the cost of five. Bring them to a carnival and get them to the rides. Now, ride tickets are not that too expensive and the best thing with rides is that you might be with your better half, far from her snooping buddies.

Formal dates?  A theater play is good, but a formal dinner for two is better. Look for a good restaurant. Do you dig Japanese? How about Italian, French or something with a Mediterranean atmosphere? A wine an a candle light? Mexican mariachi?  It really depends on your taste and hers. Try to ask her what she prefers.  Keep in mind that the purpose of the date is for both of you to revel in the night.

Remember that dating is more than basically impressing  her with the incredible stuff. It's also not about exploiting somebody. It's about keeping up the mystery. It is about knowing her. An opportunity to express your love and to demonstrate to her a good impression of who you are. Dating her is not a guarantee, but In this phase of courtship, this is considered to be your risk, so play it well.

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