Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Cosplay Less Toys

More Cosplay less Toys

Maybe I assumed so much, yet I won’t say that I was disappointed with the event… maybe? Anyway, last Sunday, I went to the Cosmic Com in Alabang, Muntinglupa City and I was expecting something like that of those other toy cons that I have seen. 

Well, the entrance fee was OK, it’s only 20 pesos and as that Cornetto commercial has already said, what can you buy for 20 Pesos nowadays huh?  The event was held in the 3rd floor of Festival Mall in Alabang and mind you, they just barricaded a spot, so it’s not a very large space. There are only few stalls that cater collectible toys and I think the event concentrated more on cosplayers than collectible toys.

Speaking of cosplayers, well… some are impressive (like that giant robot) and some are not. Don’t expect someone like Alodia Gosiengfiao to grace the stagereally… the contest is good but personally I’m not really impressed, maybe because I’m not really into those video game characters and modern Japanese anime. More stalls for dogs and pets? Surprise!

All in all, the event didn't tickle my fancy as a toy enthusiast but at least I enjoyed the hotdogs

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