Thursday, April 10, 2014

It’s All About Disney and True Love

The problem with Facebook is that you sometimes see your friends status and the most… well, I can’t say irritating coz I’m not that bitter, but when you see newly formed relationships… bleh!

OK, anyway, congratulations to all my friends who have found love in cyberspace. I envy you guys, really. I just got dumped by a girl just a month ago, ended up in the dreaded “friend zone” and she said it has to do with magic. OK… magic. Which brings me to think about Disney.

Magic and love. Ahhh… I know that you might think I’m getting a little bit corny here, but I grew up on Disney movies and let us just say that these Disney animations gave me my idea of what true love is all about. Singing a romantic tune before kissing a girl in a blue lagoon, a magic carpet ride and a first love’s kiss. Maybe too much of it, that I forgot reality when dealing with this magic. I always thought that love is not just about the need for companionship, relationship or… Nah! Love is magic. I just can’t explain it. It seems rationality is not a part of love. So, since I can’t explain it, my best option to express it is, well you got it, Disney animations.

Most of these animations are based on familiar fairy tale stories, maybe that’s why it’s easier for me to follow its love issues, and it’s kinda cute. Good guys always win against the bad guys and they get their girl. Love is expressly in songs, cute situations and magic. Hmmm… maybe that’s why I keep on giving them those Disney Dolls, it’s my option to express my true love.

But alas, reality always kills the fantasy and I got a bitter splash of cold water on my face. But again, that’s not a good reason to lose that magic. Maybe there is really no magic at that time. There are no fairy dust, no flying carpets, no boat rides with a reggae-singing crab, no magic roses and a singing teapot, but as the song says “Love is an Open Door” and all I just need to do is to keep on wishing upon a star.

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