Sunday, January 21, 2018


Inside this old body is a little child. Yes, inside Jose, there is still a little kid named "John-John."   There's a big difference between the two: Jose is always gloomy, desperate, and looks at life in a boring way - necessities, priorities… all those dull, boring stuff.

John-John is different.  

Unlike Jose, John-John is always fascinated with life. There's always color, always something new to discover, something new to explore. For John-John, a smile is not just a temporary mask to cover a scowling face.

Little things are enough for John-John: a bug crawling on a leaf, a small dish of ice cream, children playing on the street, a game of tag, a candy bar. He always consider that there's always a room in life to be cheerful even when all the stakes are down and tears running down a face. He always believe that clouds will never cover the sun forever.  There's always another day to play. 

And the best thing about John-John? He always believe in dreams. He never loses hope. 

There's always a little child inside all of us. Sadly, we ignore this child. We always think that when we grow up, life become serious, matured, and routine. When we grow up we presume that the magic of life stops, that the curtain falls, the laughter becomes sullen. Life becomes all about decisions and obligations. We stop dreaming, we stop hoping. We stop being the care-free child that we once were. 

Perhaps we should start looking back and see the world in the child's eyes again so we can smile at life and to our selves. It's not really hard to do, just look up, smile to the world and unleash the child within you.

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