Friday, January 8, 2016

More than the usual charity

Last September 25, 2015 I was able to visit this expo at Trinoma. It was about uhh... well, it's an expo courtesy of Caritas Manila. 

A Little History

Now, who doesn't know about the works of Caritas Manila, but I doubt if you have any idea about its history.

CARITAS is a Latin word that means love - love in its perfection. By this programs and services are imbued with the spirit of love, a love that recognizes that we cannot claim, because every person is truly a visible image of the invisible God and a sibling of Christ, the Christian finds in every person God himself and God's absolute demand for justice and love. Its aim is to concretize a love that recognizes that they cannot claim to be whole as long as brokenness exists in the "least,last and lost" among them and uphold the values of fairness, accountability and transparency in its operations.

Caritas Manila's history began with a Cardinal that walked his talk. Rufino Cardinal Santos, first Filipino Cardinal, became the 29th Archbishop of Manila in a post-war scenario that saw a Philippines plagued with the following: a high dependence on the upper class in the social, economic and political growth of the nation; a growing inequality in the distribution of wealth; critical problems of labor, land and tenancy that caused the communist movement to gain ground. It was to this social order that Rufino Cardinal Santos spoke upon his installation.

All About YSLEP: Youth Servant Leadership & Education Program
YSLEP is the flagship program of Caritas Manila, which extends financial assistance to poor but deserving youth, and trains and hones the youth not only for academic excellence, but also to become servant leaders and good members of the community

Caritas Manila’s integrated formation program requires our scholars and their parents to go through the following modules: values formation, sacramental appreciation, health and nutrition, livelihood and skills training, 3R (reading, writing, arithmetic) tutorials, and national family planning and responsible parenting.

There are currently more than 5,000 youth nationwide under Caritas YSLEP. With over 4 million out-of-school children and youth in the Philippines, YSLEP aims to reach out to this vulnerable sector, especially in the poorest areas of the Visayas and Mindanao. 

To know more about the programs of Caritas Manila, visit www.caritas. 
For donations, call 563-9311. For inquiries, call 563-9308 or 563- 9298.

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