Sunday, December 6, 2015

As we wait for Grim...

Well, I think this is it. I need to face the fact that my Mama will never recover and I think my family (Papa, Kuya and I) am just waiting for that moment. I'm so proud of you Mama, you are the bravest person I ever met.

The truth is that we already accepted it, yun nga lang... masakit kasi Mama ko sya and she is my bastion of strength. Now that she will be leaving us, medyo nangangapa ako kung saan ko kukunin ang tapang ko.

No need to make those concoctions to save her. I already accepted it that she will be leaving us any time soon. She will be a memory. Those happier moments, sad moments... times that I become angry at her, those times that I didn't understand her. Those are just memories now. But I will always remember you Mama and I will always love you, at lahat ng pangaral mo sa akin at kay Kuya ay babaunin namin sa mga darating pang pag-subok sa buhay.

Paalam. You will be in a better place far from all the turmoils and heartache this world gave you. Today... until whenever, nakapaikot kami sa iyo. Si Papa, si Kuya, ako. Wag na wag kang mag-aalala sa amin. You are a legacy, a lesson in life and your light will always shine to guide me and my Kuya.

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