Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Happening With Our Youth?

This is the infamous "pabebe girls." Pabebe? What the hell does that mean? According to Rappler, it's from a video of two sassy teenagers (sassy?) that has gone viral, turning Janet and Michelle, better known as the "Pabebe Girls," into stars practically overnight.

A what?

I really don't care about this stupid YouTube video and those talent-less local actresses and this gay comedian ( who is really NOT FUNNY)  trying to lift this piece of shit into something else, but come on!

However, contemplating on this, it just gives me a frightening look at today's Filipino youth.

Now, who should I blame?

Maybe I'm just wondering what happen to the Filipino youth. Sayang diba? Our national hero, Gat. Jose Rizal once believed that the youth  is the hope of our nation, but what kind of hope these kind of kids will bring us?

So again, who should I blame?

These er...vile creatures are a product of what? Well, for starters - our declining media - poor TV and movie programs that corrupt our youth's mind in exchange for profit. Then there are these so-called "books" that implant idiocies. Stories that justify teen relationships that doesn't focus on the realities of responsibilities. We also have actors and actresses that plays these character from these junk literature, further strengthening the doltishness of the young people who watch and read these sick stuff.

The list goes on and on and on...

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