Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Beauty of Traditional Mail

We call it snail mail because normal postal mails, eh… that means an  actual mail or package is delivered  by the post office,  tend to be slower compare to our new technology like email and texting. 

Yes, we tend to get  irritated with letters as we compare it to our new forms of electronic communication, yet there are reasons why we just can’t stop loving snail mails.

Now don’t tell me that you don’t get excited every time  you hear a postman is looking for  you? And how about opening those parcels or letters?  Did someone send me a card, or are these just bills to pay?  But still, we always anticipate receiving a letter from a friend, a relative or a loved one.  Well, you can also receive a text or an email, but a tangible letter with your love one’s own permanship is very different. That’s because hand written letters are likely to be more intimate compare to something that were electronically typed.  Come on!  Now, simply take a love letter that was typed on a computer keyboard and compare it to another that was written in a pink stationary using a pen with an ink whose aroma is similar to strawberries. 

Letters are convenient.  Now, it is so ridiculous to imagine bringing a bulky laptop to a park just to read your boy friend’s email . You can use an iPad or a cell phone, but how can you be intimate when while reading your “love email” all of the sudden your email /text beeps! YOU GOT A NEW MESSAGE… BEEP! BEEP! Or  your “love letter” was buried by tons of Facebook “likes” and messages.  However,  a letter folded safely inside your pockets has this more “private” feeling that you can always read to brighten up your day.

Letters are more secure. If you keep it nicely in your own bedroom, inside your own  side table or drawer… nicely placed inside a box where you keep your stuff animals collection. Security is an Internet problem. IP addresses getting hacked. There are nasty viruses and malware that may enter your computer or tablet. The worst is when your computer gets busted or your Google or Yahoo account got compromised and all the memories were deleted! There goes Scott’s love proposal. 

Stamps and stationery are cool. The best thing about stamps is that it can be collected and you can sell them to collectors. Hey! I’m not joking on this one. Do you know that you can be a millionaire just by  selling stamps? Some stamps can cost a thousand dollars each! (KA-CHING!!) No kidding. So maybe you can start digging that old truck your Grandmother used to own and cross your finger that you will letters with rare stamps on it. Old letters can also be sold to collectors and museums. You’ll never know that the old letter you have right now is something historically significant, like Gen. McArthur’s personal letter to your Grandfather or  maybe a letter send by the Katipuneros to your great-great Grandmother. 

Speaking of “digging,” if you’re into that “walking down the memory lane” kind of stuff,  you can always check your old letters inside that pink box of yours. The best thing about snail mails is that you can always keep it and place them in small boxes and every time you feel lonesome just read a couple of your old mail… especially your ex-lovers’ while listening to those sad love songs on the radio. You get more sentimental reading a personal letter. It’s like you hear  the person’s own voice every time you read the letter. 

So what are you waiting for?  Get a pen and paper ready and start sending some snail-mail to your love one right now.  If it gave you  such a good feeling, I bet it will also give your loved one the same. 

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